Woburn, MA,  October 1, 2015

Novatein Biosciences (www.novateinbio.com) is proud to add Cancer Biomarker ELISA Kits to its expanding product line. Starting today, Novateinbio is offering Ovarian cancer antigen (CA 12-5/ MUC16), Breast carcinoma-associated antigen DF3 (CA 15-3/ Muc1) and free prostate specific antigen (f-PSA) ELISA kits. All these kits are used to quantitatively measure the respective antigens in serum/ plasma. These validated, research use only kits are developed based on sandwich assay technique and are highly sensitive. The sensitivity of CA 15-3 and CA 12-5 kits is 5 U/ml and that of f-PSA kit is .05 ng/ml. Each kit contains standards and other reagents sufficient to analyze 40 samples in duplicate, within 3.5 hours.

Other details, including assay procedure could be found in the following links:

Human CA-12-5 / MUC16 ELISA kit

Human CA-15-3 ELISA kit

Human Free PSA (f-PSA) ELISA kit

For more information on Novatein Biosicence Cancer Biomarker ELISA kits, please click here or call us on (617) 238-1396.


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