Inflammasome Research

The inflammasome, a component of the innate immune system, is a multiprotein complex consisting of caspase 1, PYCARD, NALP etc. It plays a role in activating inflammatory caspases and cytokines of the IL-1 family. Inflammasomes also induce a form of cell death termed pyroptosis. Dysregulation of inflammasomes is associated with a number of chronic inflammatory diseases, autoinflammatory syndromes and autoimmune diseases. The following research use only ELISA kits manufactured by Novatein Biosiences, can be used to study signaling pathways involved in inflammasome activation and identify potential inflammasome activators/ inhibitors. All our ELISA kits are 100% guaranteed to work as specified in the manual.

                                                 Human                               Mouse                         Rat                 

IL-1α                                        FM-E100050               FM-E100052               FM-E100051

IL-1β                                        FM-E100053               FM-E100055               FM-E100054

IL-6                                          BG-HUM11260           BG-MUS11312           BG-RAT11309

IL-18                                        NB-E10092                 NB-E11385                 NB-E30650

Thioredoxin-1                        NB-E10244                 NB-E20162                 NB-E30134

Annexin-A2                             BG-HUM10180           BG-MUS10180           BG-RAT10179

Bid                                           NS-E10013                 BG-MUS10343           BG-RAT10341

HMGB1                                   BG-HUM11133           BG-MUS11178           BG-RAT11176           

MyD88                                    NR-E10320


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