NovaTeinBio Advancing Research with New CD Antigen Solutions


Boston, MA, January 19, 2012 -- Boston based biological reagents provider NovaTeinBio has recently announced to their client base that they will now be providing more CD (clusters of differentiation) antigen products than ever before. These new additions come as research companies across America look to specialists such as NovaTeinBio to offer the solution that will allow them to consolidate the time it takes to analyze the progression of diseases and improve the working efficiency of their latest vaccines.

CD antigens are cell surface molecules that provide scientists with the ability to study the protein expressed by certain cells within the human body as diseases progress. The company’s new database of CD antigen solutions includes the soluble CD40 Ligand/TRAP Human Recombinant HIS Tag solution. This product, CD40L is a membrane glycoprotein and differentiation antigen that is expressed on the surface of T-cells. This antigen is used to stimulate B-cell proliferation and secretion in the various immunoglobulin isotypes when in the presence of cytokines. The CD40 antigen has been shown to induce cytokine production and tumor-killing activity in periphery monocytes, therefore presenting opportunities for research into various forms of cancer treatment.

The expertise of specialists such as NovaTeinBio forms the foundational work of the top pharmaceutical companies around the globe today. Without the company’s vital ability to create high quality research components, there would fewer opportunities to test the performance of the latest vaccines. Now, as they continue to add more products to their outstanding catalogue, NovaTeinBio have become a vital partner to companies across the pharmaceutical industry.

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