Production of Recombinant Proteins

Novatein Biosciences offers recombinant protein production services to accelerate your research and development, by using highly efficient recombinant protein expression strategies. A general outline of our protein production service is as follows:

  • 1. Expression vector: Customer fills our protein production survey (email to request), provides the accession number of the target gene and amino acid sequence to be expressed. We will do codon-optimization, synthesize the cDNA and clone it into our propriety expression vector.
  • 2. Gene expression: Based on the customer request, the target gene will be cloned into bacterial/ yeast/ baculoviral or mammalian expression vectors with or without a tag.
  • 4. Protein Purification: The protein will be purified by column chromatography procedures (affinity, ion-exchange and gel filtration, or combinations).
  • 5. Protein prep characterization: The purified protein will be separated on SDS-PAGE gel and stained/ transferred to membrane for immunoblot. Mass spectrometry can be performed for an additional charge.

Note: For most of the eukaryotic protein production, mammalian expression system is the first line of choice due to high yield and posttranslational modifications.


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