Generation of Stable Cell Lines Expressing Antibodies (NB-SC109)

Novatein Biosciences' scientists are highly experienced in antibody and cell line development services. We have >95% success rate of stable cell line generation. Stable cell lines (CHO/ HEK293) are generated using our proprietary mammalian expression vector system with multiple selectable markers to simultaneously express two individual genes of interest. After transfection into mammalian cells, the clones are screened for the expression of protein of interest. The standard method for screening clones is ELISA. Additional fee will be charged for Western blot or cell-based assay of your interest. Our fast and predictive screening techniques significantly increase the speed of stable cell line development while maintaining quality and uniformity.

Following will be performed as part of this service:

  • Selection of clones
  • Detailed characterization of the top clone in a small-scale production system (viability, cell growth, and titer measurements)
  • Banking of 10-15 vials of the top clone (upto 10 million cells per vial)

Turnaround: 7-8 weeks.


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