Western Blot Service  (NB-SC113)


- Homogenization of cell, tissue lysates
- Transfection/Transduction of mammalian cells
- In-house cell lines (HEK293,  CHO) and tissue banks (rat/mouse)
- Protein concentration determination (BCA etc.)
- Minimum protein concentration - 1µg/uL
- Strip/reprobe membranes
- Commonly used antibodies available (anti-actin, HRP-labeled anti-mouse/rabbit secondary)
- Optimize protocols for particular antigen/target


- ChemiDoc image
- Ponceau S staining
- gel staining after transfer


- Bio-Rad
- Semi-dry transfers
Number of samples in a single run: 9

Our protein scientists have rich experiences in Western blot Analysis. Thousands of gels have been completed and results are published. Proprietary know-hows and reagent components significantly lower the background signals and enhance positive signals.

Turnaround time: 5 business days

Please include the following in your quote request:

- concentration of samples

Please include the following in your sample shipment:

- primary Ab (we do not have collections of primary Abs, researcher must provide)


- pictures of the gel
- samples returned upon request

Note: Customer has to provide QC data of all the samples and reagents as specified by Novateinbio prior to submission. Novateinbio will verify the quality of the received materials. Customer will be responsible for any extra cost of the project resulted from inaccurate QC data and/or low quality material submitted.
Please contact techsupport@novateinbio.com for technical questions.
Please contact info@novateinbio.com to place an order.


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