Hybridoma Sequencing (NB-SC106)

We offer reliable antibody sequencing, cloning and expression/purification services. With your hybridoma cell line pellet ( 1 x 10^7), we will sequence heavy and light chain variable regions, variable regions plus leader sequences, or full-length heavy and light chain antibodies.

Furthermore, we offer antibody production services, including cloning of heavy and light chain variable regions or full-length antibodies, co-transfection and expression, purification and validation of antigen binding by plate based assay.

  • Total RNA extraction from hybidoma or B cells.
  • cDNA synthesis from total RNA by reverse transcription.
  • 5’ RACE PCR to get DNA fragments corresponding to VH and VL.
  • Cloning into a sequencing vectors like pUC118 and sequencing.
  • Sequencing analysis ( sequence data, alignment of each chain) for at least 5-10 independent
  • clones: both VH and VL
  • Sequencing data summary report, delivery of plasmid.

Services available:

<th >Price<tr >Variable Domains Sequencing for both Light chain and Heavy chain<td >$950 <td >2 weeks<tr >Variable domains sequencing for both LV and HV, plus leader sequence. Cat# CS8-2<td >$1,200 <td >2-3 weeks<tr >Full Length sequencing for variable regions, constant domains and leader sequences<td >$1,400 <td >3 weeks

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