The Cas9 protein (CRISPR-associated protein 9), derived from type II CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) bacterial immune systems, is becoming an essential tool for engineering the genome in diverse organisms. As an RNA-guided DNA endonuclease, Cas9 is  designated to target new sites by altering its guide RNA sequence, and its development as a tool has made sequence-specific gene editing much easier. The nuclease-deactivated form of dCas9 further provides a versatile RNA-guided DNA-targeting platform for regulating and imaging the genome in nucleus, as well as for rewriting the epigenetic dynamics, all in a sequence-specific manner. With all of these progress, scientists have begun to explore the possible applications of Cas9 in biomedical research and therapeutics. Novatein Biosciences is working hard to help you in fully utilize the Cas9 related proteins, antibodies, and assay kit to advance your projects. We focus on the applications of Cas9 proteins for genome editing, regulation, and subcellular localization of target genes.

A comprehensive Cas9 reagents ready to meet your research and development needs.
Cas9 nuclease with NLS (Catalog number: PR-137211) transfection ready for gene editing, also used for sgRNA or crRNA screening (Catalog number: NB-GEN10642)

Cas9 nuclease with NLS

dCas9 (D10A & H840A) with NLS (Catalog number: PR-137213B) for precise gene regulation and interrogation.

Cas9-GFP with NLS (Catalog number: PR-137211-E) for subcellular localization of the Cas9-gRNA/target DNA complex.

sgRNA Screening Kit (Catalog number: NB-GEN10642) for quickly assessing a sgRNA sequence in vitro to see if it can work effectively in vivo.

Anti-CRISPR/CAS9 Monoclonal Antibody (Catalog number: SH-A16960) detection of Cas9 ( wild type, nickase and dCas9) in WB, IF, and ELISA

Anti-CRISPR/CAS9 Polyclonal Antibody (Catalog number: SH-A16959) detection of Cas9 ( wild type, nickase and dCas9) in WB, IF, and ELISA

Cas9 (D10A) Nickase with NLS (Catalog number: PR-137212B) transfection ready for gene editing, single nick creation on double strand DNA.

Cas9 (D10A) Nickase with NLS


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